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showDetects.m File Reference

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figure if (~isempty(detects)) pause
 imshow (d,[],'notruesize')
 set (H, 'EdgeColor', 'g')


function boxed
end drawnow
for i
 nDetects = size(detects,3)
end hold off
hold on

Function Documentation

figure if isempty(detects)  ) 

imshow d  ,

set H  ,
'EdgeColor'  ,

Variable Documentation

function boxed

Initial value:

 showDetects(img, boxes, detects)

Definition at line 1 of file showDetects.m.

end drawnow

Definition at line 10 of file showDetects.m.

for i

Initial value:

    if boxes(i,1) == 1
      H = rectangle('Position',[boxes(i,5), boxes(i,3), boxes(i,6)-boxes(i,5), boxes(i,4)-boxes(i,3)])

Definition at line 18 of file showDetects.m.

nDetects = size(detects,3)

Definition at line 17 of file showDetects.m.

end hold off

Definition at line 12 of file showDetects.m.

hold on

Definition at line 4 of file showDetects.m.


Definition at line 20 of file showDetects.m.

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