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Libraries/mputil/DirectShow/MPDirectShow.cpp File Reference

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <malloc.h>
#include <memory.h>
#include <tchar.h>
#include "MPDirectShow.h"
#include "MPUFilter_uids.h"

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#define FRAMERATE   30
#define JIF(x)
#define JIF_NRTN(x)
#define MAX_LOADSTRING   100

Define Documentation

#define FRAMERATE   30

Definition at line 24 of file Libraries/mputil/DirectShow/MPDirectShow.cpp.

#define JIF  ) 


if (FAILED(hr=(x))) \
    MessageBox(NULL, "failed",NULL,MB_OK);

Definition at line 30 of file Libraries/mputil/DirectShow/MPDirectShow.cpp.

Referenced by MPDirectShow::ConnectFilters(), MPDirectShow::CreateManualGraph(), MPDirectShow::DisonnectFilters(), MPDirectShow::FindAllDevices(), MPDirectShow::GetDefaultCapDevice(), MPDirectShow::GetListedDevice(), MPDirectShow::MPDirectShow(), MPDirectShow::PauseFilter(), MPDirectShow::RunDirectShow(), MPDirectShow::RunFilter(), MPDirectShow::SaveGraphEditFile(), MPDirectShow::SetDisplayWnd(), MPDirectShow::SetVideoDevices(), and MPDirectShow::StopCapture().

#define JIF_NRTN  ) 


if (FAILED(hr=(x))) \
      MessageBox(NULL, "failed",NULL,MB_OK);

Definition at line 32 of file Libraries/mputil/DirectShow/MPDirectShow.cpp.

Referenced by MPDirectShow::FindAllDevices(), MPDirectShow::GetDefaultCapDevice(), MPDirectShow::GetListedDevice(), and MPDirectShow::MPDirectShow().

#define MAX_LOADSTRING   100

Definition at line 23 of file Libraries/mputil/DirectShow/MPDirectShow.cpp.

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