Sensorimotor learning of facial expressions:

A novel intervention for autism


Tanaka, Schultz, Winkeilman, Schreibman, Movellan, Bartlett


This project addresses the learning of nonverbal behaviors essential for social functioning by use of two complementary technologies for face processing developed by two TDLC laboratories: (1) the University of VictoriaŐs LetŐs Face It! system - a training program shown to effectively improve the face processing abilities of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and (2) the Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (CERT) developed at UC San Diego for real- time analysis of facial expressions. The goal of this proposal is to merge these technologies in order to enable the study of perceptual and motor learning in the recognition and production of dynamic facial expressions.  This collaboration emerged from Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center at UCSD. One long-term goal of the collaboration is to develop and evaluate computer-assisted intervention systems to enhance the social communication skills of children with ASD in an engaging and cost-effective manner. By studying a population with impaired social functioning we hope to obtain a better understanding of the relationship of facial expression perception and production to social functioning. In this project we will integrate the facial expression recognition system of UCSDŐs CERT with LetŐs Face It! to design, develop, and pilot tasks that incorporate the new forms of interaction afforded by real-time expression recognition. These tasks will enable studies of facial expression learning and dynamics in the normally developing population and to test the learning of facial expression production in children with ASD. These studies will serve to elucidate the connection between perception and production systems in facial expression.


Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, NSF SBE 0542013

NIH Challenge Grant: Sensorimotor learning of facial expressions: A novel intervention for autism. 9/1/2009-8/31/2011. PI: Bartlett. Co-I: Tanaka, Schultz, Winkeilman, Schreibman, Movellan Award announcement at NIH.


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