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Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification Beyond the Visible Spectrum (OTCBVS)

Multispectral Visible and Infrared Imaging for Face Recognition

Hong Chang, Seong G. Kong, Andreas Koschan, Chang-Hee Won and Mongi Abidi

Detection and Velocity Estimation of Moving Vehicles in Spaceborne SAR Data

Stefan Hinz, Diana Weihing, Steffen Suchandt and Richard Bamler

People Detection in Low Resolution Infrared Videos

Roland Miezianko and Dragoljub Pokrajac

Fuzzy Foreground Detection for Infrared Videos

Fida El Baf, Thierry Bouwmans and Bertrand Vachon

6-DOF Pose Estimation from Single Ultrasound Image Using 3D IP Models

Bo Zheng, Ryo Ishikawa, Takeshi Oishi, Jun Takamatsu and Katsushi Ikeuchi

Real-Time Estimation of Human Attention Field in LWIR and Color Surveillance Videos

Alex Leykin and Riad Hammoud

Dealing with Occlusion in a Probabilistic Object Tracking Method

Francesc Serratosa, Nicolás Amézquita and René Alquézar

Real-Time Human Detection in Urban Scenes: Local Descriptors and Classifiers Selection with AdaBoost-like Algorithms

Julien Bégard, Nicolas Allezard and Patrick Sayd

Integrated Target Tracking and Recognition using Joint Apperance-Motion Generative Models

Vijay Venkataraman, Xin Fan and Guoliang Fan

Detection of buried objects using GPR change detection in polarimetric Huynen spaces

Firooz Sadjadi, Anders Sullivan and Guillermo Gaunaurd

Multi-scale Conditional Random Fields for Over-segmented Irregular 3D Point Clouds Classification

Ee Hui Lim and David Suter