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3rd International Workshop on Semantic Learning Applications in Multimedia

Robust Detection of Semantically Equivalent Visually Dissimilar Objects

Taeil Goh, Ryan West and Kazunori Okada

Learning a Scene Contextual Model for Tracking and Abnormality Detection [Supplimental Material]

Benjamin Yao, Liang Wang and Song-chun Zhu

A Hierarchical Framework for Movie Content Analysis: Let Computers Watch Films like Humans

Anan Liu, Sheng Tang, Yongdong Zhang, Yan Song, Jintao Li and Zhaoxuan Yang

A Probabilistic Fusion Approach to Human Age Prediction

Guodong Guo, Yun Fu, Charles R. Dyer and Thomas S. Huang

Learning the Abstract Motion Semantics of Verbs from Captioned Videos

Stefan Mathe, Afsaneh Fazly, Sven Dickinson and Suzanne Stevenson

Integration of Multiple Contextual Information for Image Segmentation using a Bayesian Network

Lei Zhang and Qiang Ji

The Randomized Approximating Graph Algorithm for Image Annotation Refinement Problem

Yohan Jin, Kibum Jin, Latifur Khan and B. Prabhakaran

Playing Games as a Way to Improve Automatic Image Annotation

Rui Jesus, Duarte Gonçalves, Arnaldo Abrantes and Nuno Correia

A Study of Query by Semantic Example

Nikhil Rasiwasia and Nuno Vasconcelos

Discovery of Social Relationships in Consumer Photo Collections using Markov Logic

Parag Singla, Henry Kautz, Andrew Gallagher and Jiebo Luo