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Workshop on Search in 3D (S3D)

Multi-scale interest regions from unorganized point clouds

Ranjith Unnikrishnan and Martial Hebert

Three-Dimensional Point Cloud Recognition via Distributions of Geometric Distances

Mona Mahmoudi and Guillermo Sapiro

3D Shape Matching by Geodesic Eccentricity

Adrian Ion, Nicole M. Artner, Gabriel Peyre, Salvador B. Lopez Marmol, Walter G. Kropatsch and Laurent Cohen

A Probabilistic Representation of LiDAR Range Data for Efficient 3D Object Detection

Theodore C. Yapo, Charles V. Stewart and Richard J. Radke

3D Priors for Scene Learning from a Single View

Diego Rother, Kedar Patwardhan, Iman Aganj and Guillermo Sapiro

Exploiting Local and Global Scene Constraints in Modeling Large-Scale Dynamic 3D Scenes from Aerial Video

Hao Tang and Zhigang Zhu

Fusion of Local Appearance with Stereo Depth for Object Tracking

Feng Tang, Michael Harville, Hai Tao and Ian N. Robinson

3D model search and pose estimation from single images using VIP features

Changchang Wu, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Jan-Michael Frahm and Marc Pollefeys