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Ninth IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (MMBIA)

S1: Registration and Tracking

Asymmetric and Symmetric Unbiased Image Registration: Statistical Assessment of Performance

Igor Yanovsky, Paul M. Thompson, Stanley Osher and Alex D. Leow

Revisiting Overlap Invariance in Medical Image Alignment

Nathan D. Cahill, Julia A. Schnabel, J. Alison Noble and David J. Hawkes

A Stable Optic-Flow Based Method for Tracking Colonoscopy Images

Jianfei Liu, Kalpathi Subramanian, Terry Yoo and Robert Van Uitert

S2: Diffusion Tensor MRI

Multi-Fiber Reconstruction from DW-MRI using a Continuous Mixture of von Mises-Fisher Distributions

Ritwik Kumar, Angelos Barmpoutis, Baba C. Vemuri, Paul R. Carney and Thomas H. Mareci

Multivariate Analysis of Thalamo-Cortical Connectivity Loss in TBI

Jeffrey Thomas Duda, Brian Avants, Junghoon Kim, Hui Zhang, Sunil Patel, John Whyte and James Gee

Robust Regularization for the Estimation of Intra-Voxel Axon Fiber Orientations

Alonso Ramirez-Manzanares, Hui Zhang, Mariano Rivera and James Gee

S3: Poster Sesssion 1

Geometric Modeling of Tubular Structure

Huseyin Tek and M. Akif Gulsun

Neighbor-Constrained Active Contours Without Edges

Huafeng Liu, Hongda Mao and Pengcheng Shi

Statistical Shape Modelling: How Many Modes Should be Retained?

Lin Mei, Michael Figl, Daniel Rueckert, Ara Darzi and Philip Edwards

Sticky Vector Fields and Other Geometric Measures on Diffusion Tensor Images

Laura Astola and Luc Florack

Classification Trees for Fast Segmentation of DTI Brain Fiber Tracts

Gali Zimmerman-Moreno, Arnaldo Mayer and Hayit Greenspan

Localized Statistics for DW-MRI Fiber Bundle Segmentation

Shawn Lankton, John Melonakos, James Malcolm, Samuel Dambreville and Allen Tannenbaum

Dealing with Uncertainty in the Principal Directions of Tensors

Maxime Boucher and Alan Evans

Two-tensor streamline tractography through white matter intra-voxel fiber crossings: assessed by fMRI

Arish Qazi, Gordon Kindlmann, Lauren O'Donnell, Sharon Peled, Alireza Radmanesh, Stephen Whalen, Alexandra Golby and Carl-Fredrik Westin

A Ray Tracing Method for Geodesic Based Tractography in Diffusion Tensor Images

Neda Sepasian, Anna Vilanova, Luc Florack and Bart Ter Haar Romeny

Modeling of Anatomical Information in Clustering of White Matter Fiber Trajectories Using Dirichlet Distribution

Mahnaz Maddah, Lilla Zollei, W. Eric L. Grimson and William M. Wells

A Statistical Framework for the Registration of 3D Knee Implant Components to Single-Plane X-Ray Images

Jeroen Hermans, Johan Bellemans, Frederik Maes, Dirk Vandermeulen and Paul Suetens

Algorithms for computing the group exponential of diffeomorphisms: performance evaluation

Matias Nicolas Bossa, Ernesto Zacur and Salvador Olmos

Learning-based Deformation Estimation for Fast Non-rigid Registration

Min-Jeong Kim, Myoung-Hee Kim and Dinggang Shen

S4: Multimodal Analysis and Applications

Integrated Segmentation and Motion Analysis of Cardiac MR Images Using a Subject-Specific Dynamical Model

Yun Zhu, Xenophon Papademetris, Albert J. Sinusas and James S. Duncan

Exploiting Spatio-temporal Information for View Recognition in Cardiac Echo Videos

David Beymer, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood and Fei Wang

Learning-based Analysis of Emotional Impairments in Schizophrenia

Peng Wang, Christian Kohler, Elizabeth Martin, Neal Stolar and Ragini Verma

Circular Generalized Cylinder Fitting for 3D Reconstruction in Endoscopic Imaging Based on MRF

Jin Zhou, Ananya Das, Feng Li and Baoxin Li

Multivariate Nonlinear Mixed Model to Analyze Longitudinal Image Data: MRI Study of Early Brain Development

Shun Xu, Martin Styner, John Gilmore, Joseph Piven and Guido Gerig

S5: Shape Analysis and Image Segmentation I

Variational Shape Detection in Microscope Images Based on Joint Shape and Image Feature Statistics

Matthias Fuchs and Samuel Gerber

A Multiple Geometric Deformable Model Framework for Homeomorphic 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Xian Fan, Pierre-Louis Bazin, John Bogovic, Ying Bai and Jerry L. Prince

Image Segmentation Using an Efficient Rotationally Invariant 3D Region-Based Hidden Markov Model

Albert Huang, Rafeef Abugharbieh and Roger Tam

Principal Curves to Extract Vessels in 3D Angiograms

Wilbur C. K. Wong and Albert C. S. Chung

S6: Shape Analysis and Image Segmentation II

Quantifying Cortical Surface Asymmetry via Logistic Discriminant Analysis

Moo K. Chung, Daniel J. Kelley, Kim M. Dalton and Richard J. Davidson

Rotational Flows for Interpolation Between Sampled Surfaces

Joshua H. Levy, Mark Foskey and Stephen M. Pizer

Anisotropic Laplace-Beltrami Eigenmaps: Bridging Reeb Graphs and Skeletons

Yonggang Shi, Rongjie Lai, Sheila Krishna, Nancy Sicotte, Ivo Dinov and Arthur Toga

A Large-to-Fine-Scale Shape Prior for Probabilistic Segmentations Using A Deformable M-rep

Xiaoxiao Liu, Ja-Yeon Jeong, Joshua H. Levy, Rohit R. Saboo, Edward L. Chaney and Stephen M. Pizer

S7: Poster Sesssion 2

Stratified Regularity Measures with Jensen-Shannon Divergence

Kazunori Okada, Senthil Periaswamy and Jinbo Bi

IVUS Tissue Characterization with Sub-class Error-Correcting Output Codes

Sergio Escalera, Oriol Pujol, Josepa Mauri and Petia Radeva

Regional Image Similarity Criteria Based on the Kozachenko-Leonenko Entropy Estimator

Juan D. Garcia-Arteaga and Jan Kybic

Full Orientation Invariance and Improved Feature Selectivity of 3D SIFT with Application to Medical Image Analysis

Stéphane Allaire, John J. Kim, Stephen L. Breen, David A. Jaffray and Vladimir Pekar

Manifold Learning for 4D CT Reconstruction of the Lung

Manfred Georg, Richard Souvenir, Andrew Hope and Robert Pless

A Kidney Segmentation Approach from DCE-MRI Using Level Sets

Hossam Abdelmunim, Aly A. Farag, W. Miller and Mohamed AboelGhar

Automated Characterization of Bacteria in Confocal Microscope Images

Félida Roa, Antonio Bravo and Alexis Valery

On non-linear characterization of tissue abnormality by constructing disease manifolds

Nematollah Batmanghelich and Ragini Verma

Estimation of Acoustic Impedance from Multiple Ultrasound Images with Application to Spatial Compounding

Christian Wachinger, Ramtin Shams and Nassir Navab

CTREC: C-arm Tracking and Reconstruction using Elliptic Curves

Gouthami Chintalapani, Ameet Jain, David Burkhardt, Jerry Prince and Gabor Fichtinger