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First IEEE Workshop on CVPR for Human Communicative Behavior Analysis (CVPR4HB)

S1: Oral Session 1

Technique for automatic emotion recognition by body gesture analysis

Donald Glowinski, Nele Dael, Gualtiero Volpe, Antonio Camurri and Klaus Scherer

Principal appearance and motion from boosted spatiotemporal descriptors

Guoying Zhao and Matti Pietikainen

B-spline Polynomial Descriptors for Human Activity Recognition

Antonios Oikonomopoulos, Maja Pantic and Ioannis Patras

Distributed Segmentation and Classification of Human Actions Using a Wearable Motion Sensor Network

Allen Y. Yang, Roozbeh Jafari, Philip Kuryloski, Sameer Iyengar, S. Shankar Sastry and Ruzena Bajcsy

S2: Poster Session

HO2: A New Feature for Multi-Agent Event Detection and Recognition

Hui Cheng, Changjiang Yang, Feng Han and Harpreet Sawhney

Associating Audio-Visual Activity Cues in a Dominance Estimation Framework

Hayley Hung, Yan Huang, Chuohao Yeo and Daniel Gatica-Perez

Towards Fast, View-Invariant Human Action Recognition

Srikanth Cherla, Kaustubh Kulkarni, Amit Kale and V. Ramasubramanian

Multimodal Real-Time Focus of Attention Estimation in SmartRooms

Cristian Canton

S3: Oral Session 2

The American Sign Language Lexicon Video Dataset

Vassilis Athitsos, Carol Neidle, Stan Sclaroff, Joan Nash, Alexandra Stefan, Quan Yuan and Ashwin Thangali

Automatic Facial Expression Recognition for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Jacob Whitehill, Marian Bartlett and Javier Movellan

Speaker Detection Using the Timing Structure of Lip Motion and Sound

Yu Horii, Hiroaki Kawashima and Takashi Matsuyama

Remote and Head-Motion-Free Gaze Tracking for Real Environments with Automated Head-Eye Model Calibrations

Hirotake Yamazoe, Akira Utsumi, Tomoko Yonezawa, and Shinji Abe