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Workshop on Time of Flight based Computer Vision (TOF-CV)

TOF Imaging in Smart Room Environments towards Improved People Tracking

Sigurjón Árni Gudmundsson

Tracking Objects in 6D for Reconstructing Static Scenes

Agnes Anna Swadzba, Niklas Beuter, Joachim Schmidt and Gerhard Sagerer

Cluster Tracking with Time-of-Flight Cameras

Dan Witzner Hansen and Rasmus Larsen

Shading Constraint Improves Accuracy of Time-of-Flight Measurements

Martin Böhme, Martin Haker, Thomas Martinetz and Erhardt Barth

Robust Non-Local Denoising of Colored Depth Data

Benjamin Huhle, Timo Schairer, Philipp Jenke and Wolfgang Straßer

ToF-Sensors: New Dimensions for Realism and Interactivity

Andreas Kolb, Erhardt Barth and Reinhard Koch

Design and Calibration of a Multi-view TOF Sensor Fusion System

Young Min Kim, Derek Chan, Christian Theobalt and Sebastian Thrun

Fusion of Range and Intensity Information for View Invariant Gesture Recognition

Michael Boelstoft Holte, Thomas Baltzer Moeslund and Preben Fihl

3-D Gesture-Based Scene Navigation in Medical Imaging Applications Using Time-Of-Flight Cameras

Stefan Soutschek, Jochen Penne, Joachim Hornegger and Johannes Kornhuber

Controlled human pose estimation from depth image streams

Youding Zhu, Behzad Dariush and Kikuo Fujimura

System Design of Time-of-Flight Range Camera for Car Park Assist and Backup Applications

Sunil Acharya, Colin Tracey and Abbas Rafii

Robust Curb and Ramp Detection for Safe Parking Using the Canesta TOF Camera

Orazio Gallo, Roberto Manduchi and Abbas Rafii

Standardization of Intensity-Values acquired by ToF-Cameras

Michael Stürmer, Jochen Penne and Joachim Hornegger

Pipeline Landmark Detection for Autonomous Robot Navigation using Time-of-Flight Imagery

Jens T. Thielemann, Gøril M. Breivik and Asbjørn Berge

Incident Light Related Distance Error Study and Calibration of the PMD-Range Imaging Camera

Jochen Radmer, Pol Moser Fusté and Jörg Krüger

Scale-Invariant Range Features for Time-of-Flight Camera Applications

Martin Haker, Martin Böhme, Thomas Martinetz and Erhardt Barth

Real-time Foreground Segmentation via Range and Color Imaging

Ryan Crabb, Colin Tracey, Akshaya Puranik and James Davis

High-Quality Scanning Using Time-Of-Flight Depth Superresolution

Sebastian Schuon, Christian Theobalt, James Davis and Sebastian Thrun

New Insights into the Calibration of ToF-Sensors

Marvin Lindner, Andreas Kolb and Thorsten Ringbeck