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Workshop on Visual Localization for Mobile Platforms (VLMP)

Dense Linear-Time Correspondences for Tracking

Stepan Obdrzalek, Michal Perd'och and Jiri Matas

A Dual-Layer Estimator Architecture for Long-term Localization

Anastasios I. Mourikis and Stergios I. Roumeliotis

Camera Localization and Building Reconstruction from Single Monocular Images

Ruisheng Wang and Frank Ferrie

Improving the Selection and Detection of Visual Landmarks Through Object Tracking

Pablo Espinace and Alvaro Soto

3D Tracking in Unknown Environments Using On-Line Keypoint Learning for Mobile Augmented Reality

Gerhard Schall, Helmut Grabner, Michael Grabner, Paul Wohlhart, Dieter Schmalstieg and Horst Bischof

Visual Map Matching and Localization Using a Global Feature Map

Oliver Pink

Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using Monocular Low-Resolution Grayscale Vision

Vidya N. Murali and Stanley T. Birchfield

Spatio-Temporal Consistency and Distributivity as Qualities of Features

Michael Eckmann and Terrance Boult

Improving RANSAC for Fast Landmark Recognition

Pablo Márquez-Neila, Jacobo García-Miró, José M. Buenaposada and Luis Baumela

Incremental estimation without specifying a-priori covariance matrices for the novel parameters

Christian Beder and Richard Steffen

Experiments On Visual Loop Closing Using Vocabulary Trees

Ankita Kumar, Jean-Philippe Tardif, Roy Anati and Kostas Daniilidis

Boosting Descriptors Condensed from Video Sequences for Place Recognition

Tat-Jun Chin, Hanlin Goh and Joo-Hwee Lim

Visual Detection of Lintel-Occluded Doors from a Single Image

Zhichao Chen and Stanley T. Birchfield