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Workshop on Biometrics

Likelihood Ratio in a SVM Framework: Fusing Linear and Non-Linear Face Classifiers

Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, Arun Ross and Afzel Noore

Decision-Level Fusion Strategies for Correlated Biometric Classifiers

Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Lisa Osadciw, Arun Ross and Nisha Srinivas

Comparison of Combination Methods Utilizing T-normalization and Second Best Score Model

Sergey Tulyakov, Zhi Zhang and Venu Govindaraju

Hybrid Fusion for Biometrics: Combining Score-level and Decision-level Fusion

Qian Tao and Raymond N.J. Veldhuis

Multi-parts and Multi-feature Fusion in Face Verification

Yan Xiang and Guangda Su

Non-Ideal Iris Segmentation Using Graph Cuts

Shrinivas Pundlik, Damon L. Woodard and Stanley T. Birchfield

A New Approach for Iris Segmentation

Jinyu Zuo, Nalini K. Ratha and Jonathan H. Connell

Comparison and Combination of Iris Matchers for Reliable Personal Identification

Ajay Kumar and Arun Passi

Feature Transformation of Biometric Templates for Secure Biometric Systems based on Error Correcting Codes

Yagiz Sutcu, Shantanu Rane, Jonathan S. Yedidia, Stark C. Draper and Anthony Vetro

Biometric Binary String Generation with Detection Rate Optimized Bit Allocation

Chun Chen

Fuzzy Extractors for Asymmetric Biometric Representations

Qiming Li, Muchuan Guo and Ee-Chien Chang

Template Protection for HMM-based On-line Signature Authentication

Emanuele Maiorana, Marcos Martinez-Diaz, Patrizio Campisi, Javier Ortega-Garcia and Alessandro Neri

Verifying Liveness by Multiple Experts in Face Biometrics

Klaus Kollreider, Hartwig Fronthaler and Josef Bigun

Capturing large intra-class variations of biometric data by template co-updating

Ajita Rattani, Gian Luca Marcialis and Fabio Roli

On Matching Latent Fingerprints

Anil K. Jain, Jianjiang Feng, Abhishek Nagar and Karthik Nandakumar

Curvature Preserving Fingerprint Ridge Orientation Smoothing using Legendre Polynomials

Surinder Ram, Horst Bischof and Josef Birchbauer

Reliable Detection of Core and Delta in Fingerprints by using Singular Candidate Method

Tomohiko Ohtsuka, Watanabe Daisuke, Tomizawa Daisuke, Hasegawa Yuta and Aoki Hiroyuki

Spectral Minutiae: A Fixed-length Representation of a Minutiae Set

Haiyun Xu, Raymond N.J. Veldhuis, Tom A.M. Kevenaar, Anton H.M. Akkermans and Asker M. Bazen

Projected Texture for Hand Geometry based Authentication

Avinash Sharma, Nishant Shobhit and Anoop Namboodiri

Gender Classification from Hand Shape

Gholamreza Amayeh, George Bebis and Mircea Nicolescu

Face Verification on Color Images Using Local Features

Mauricio Villegas, Roberto Paredes, Alfons Juan and Enrique Vidal

Predicting Biometric Facial Recognition Failure With Similarity Surfaces and Support Vector Machines

Walter Scheirer, Abhijit Bendale and Terrance Boult

3D Spatio-Temporal Face Recognition Using Dynamic Range Model Sequences

Yi Sun and Lijun Yin

HMM-based geometric signatures for compact 3D face representation and matching

Umberto Castellani, Marco Cristani, Xiaoguang Lu, Vittorio Murino and Anil K. Jain

3D Face Reconstruction from a Single 2D Face Image

Sung Won Park, Jingu Heo and Marios Savvides

Evaluating the Quality of Super-resolved Images for Face Recognition

Xiaoli Zhou and Bir Bhanu

Estimating Pose and Illumination Direction for Frontal Face Synthesis [Supplimental Material]

Xinyu Huang, Xianwang Wang, Jizhou Gao and Ruigang Yang