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Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment (NORDIA'08)

S1: Optimization

Riemannian Manifold Optimisation for Non-rigid Structure from Motion

Appu Shaji and Sharat Chandran

A Discrete Search Method for Multi-modal Non-Rigid Image Registration

Alexander Shekhovtsov, Juan David Garcia-Arteaga and Tomas Werner

Tracking Articulated Bodies using Generalized Expectation Maximization

Andrea Fossati, Elise Arnaud, Radu Horaud and Pascal Fua

S2: Shape Similarity

Gromov-Hausdorff distances in Euclidean spaces

Facundo Memoli

Geometric Modeling of Rigid and Nonrigid 3D Shapes Using the Global Geodesic Function

Djamila Aouada, David Dreisigmeyer and Hamid Krim

A Topological Method for Shape Comparison

Tigran Ishkhanov

S3: Partial Shape Similarity

Not only size matters: regularized partial matching of nonrigid shapes

Alexander Bronstein and Michael Bronstein

Efficient Partial Shape Matching Using Smith-Waterman Algorithm

Longbin Chen, Rogerio Feris and Matthew Turk

S4: Shape Model

Vesicles and Amoebae: Globally Constrained Shape Evolutions [Supplimental Material]

Ishay Goldin, Jean-Marc Delosme and Alfred M. Bruckstein

A New Framework for Behavior Modeling of Organs and Soft Tissue using the Boundary-Element Method

Dan Koppel, Shiv Chandrasekaran and Yuan-Fang Wang

S5: Deformable Surface Registration

Tracking Deformable Surfaces with Optical Flow in the Presence of Self Occlusion in Monocular Image Sequences

Anna Hilsmann and Peter Eisert

Template-based Paper Reconstruction from a Single Image is Well Posed when the Rulings are Parallel

Pierluigi Taddei and Adrien Bartoli

Non-Rigid Registration of 3D Surfaces by Deformable 2D Triangular Meshes

Arman Savran and Bulent Sankur

3D Non-rigid Registration for MPU Implicit Surfaces

Tung-Ying Lee and Shang-Hong Lai

S6: Image Registration

MDL Patch Correspondences on Unlabeled Images with Occlusions

Johan Karlsson and Kalle Åström

Face Model Fitting based on Machine Learning from Multi-band Images of Facial Components

Matthias Wimmer, Christoph Mayer, Freek Stulp and Bernd Radig