Flash Drive Support

Flash drives are a compact means to transport and store personal files such as documents, pictures, video and even application files. Unlike a CD or DVD, a flash drive is fully writeable for your use. You may opt to keep the content on the drive, copy it to your computer's hard drive or delete it completely.

Omnipress (the producer of the content and drive) will not be responsible for replacing the files on the product if they are accidentally or intentionally erased.

If this product is on a flash drive

This content included on this product is designed to run directly from the media and does not include any type of installer. If you wish to run the product from your hard drive or create a backup, you may copy the main .htm file (usually named "Start.htm") and the "data" folder to any location on your hard disk. The product should function normally so long as the folder structure is not changed. This product is not designed to run from a web server.

Before removing a flash drive from your computer you need to unmount the drive first. Failing to unmount the drive may result in damage to the drive's hardware.



If you are having difficulty unmounting your flash drive quit out of your web browser and any Adobe Reader or Acrobat software and try again. If problems persist, you may want to try the drive manufacturer's website.

Added security software (not included with all flash drives)

Your flash drive may have come bundled with an advanced security software provided by the drive's manufacturer that lets you protect your data securely, quickly, and easily. If included, the software allows you to create multiple password-protected areas called Encrypted Vaults (for Macintosh and Windows only) that automatically encrypt your data with on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption. The security software also includes a File Shredder feature to securely and thoroughly delete files so they can't be recovered-giving you complete peace of mind that your data is secure.

If included, this software is located inside "Secure II" folder at the main level of the flash drive.

The flash drive won't mount on my Windows PC.

If your flash drive does not appear when inserted, or if you need to assign it a Windows drive letter:

To do this you will need "administrative" rights on your computer. If you do not have these rights, you will need to contact your IT staff.

Once you have completed this, every time you put the drive in, the appropriate drive letter will be assigned automatically and you can access the contents.

Drive Technical Support

Omnipress only provides support for the content (see the other help files on this product). Should you need support for the Secure II application or or need to download drivers, online support is provided by the manufacturer at http://www.lexar.com/support/index.html.

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