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The goal of the MPLab is to develop systems that perceive and interact with humans in real time using natural communication channels. To this effect we are developing perceptual primitives to detect and track human faces and to recognize facial expressions. We are also developing algorithms for robots that develop and learn to interact with people on their own. Applications include personal robots, perceptive tutoring systems, and system for clinical assessment, monitoring, and intervention.

  • Introduction to the MPLab (PDF)
  • MPLAB 5 Year Progress Report (PDF)

  • NEWS

    Article on AudioVisual Sound Separation with active camera

    Javi: Diego-San the humanoid robot for Project One is arriving today in the afternoon!

    Javi: The “Diego” humanoid robot will be arraving at UCSD by October 23 2009.

    Javi: Lab Meeting Wed 6 at 10 am. Nicholas Butko will present work on automatic analysis of tutoring.

    Javi: Airport Screening Using Expression Recognition

    javi: bibdesk is a great free program to manage bib files. It allows drag and drop of pdf and urls to keep track of where your papers are

    Nick: Enthought is a python dist. that seeks to replace Matlab. It seems nice but it’s really slow! Loading a few images ate all my RAM.

    Javi: Target Article on the ethics of Robot Nanies

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