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The goal of the MPLab is to develop systems that perceive and interact with humans in real time using natural communication channels. To this effect we are developing perceptual primitives to detect and track human faces and to recognize facial expressions. We are also developing algorithms for robots that develop and learn to interact with people on their own. Applications include personal robots, perceptive tutoring systems, and system for clinical assessment, monitoring, and intervention.

  • Introduction to the MPLab (PDF)
  • MPLAB 5 Year Progress Report (PDF)

  • NEWS

    Wired Gadget Magazine interviews Javier Movellan

    Social Robot at UW

    For the past 2 weeks Max, an african grey parrot has been visiting the lab.

    A group at Brown has announced a ROS version of the RL-Glue reinforcement learning framework. From the article, “rosglue is designed to enable RL researchers and roboticists work together rather than having to reimplement existing methods in both fields.”

    See it here:

    Nice article about Matarić’s robot for interacting with autistic kids:

    Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a life-like robot that can be taught to make facial expressions:

    Terry Sejnowski has been elected member of the national academy of science

    Vision Processor:

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