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The goal of the MPLab is to develop systems that perceive and interact with humans in real time using natural communication channels. To this effect we are developing perceptual primitives to detect and track human faces and to recognize facial expressions. We are also developing algorithms for robots that develop and learn to interact with people on their own. Applications include personal robots, perceptive tutoring systems, and system for clinical assessment, monitoring, and intervention.

  • Introduction to the MPLab (PDF)
  • MPLAB 5 Year Progress Report (PDF)

  • NEWS

    The GENKI-4K dataset, containing faces, and expression and pose labels, was released. Check out the GENKI-4K webpage for information on downloading it.

    Josh Susskind, an MPLab Alumni just published a Nature Neuroscience paper showing how expression of emotion enhances sensory acquisition. ( A link to the article is available at the MPlab’s Web Site).

    Adam White, from the University of Alberta reported problems compiling the Phidgets. Turned out the rubios.jar archive was outdated. Problem was solved when the more recent rubios.jar file was included in the distribution.

    RUBIOS 2.0, the open source social robotics API developed as part of the RUBI project has been released for public use.

    Click here to download.

    Tuesday May 20
    9-11:30 am
    Marjo, Micah, Javier

    - 8 children interected with Rubi
    - Malfunctions: 1) problems with connection, 2) long delays in playing sounds , 3) full-screen pictures, 4) wrong picture (bottle)
    - BBC radio interview
    - Children repeated many Finnish words
    - One child repeated also a two-word sentence (“Give me…”)

    Tuesday May 20
    3:15-4:30 pm

    - 7 children interacted with Rubi
    - Children played a new game (names game) approx. 10 min. in the beginning. After that only few interactions with Rubi.
    - Dancing while Rubi played songs, giving items (soft blocks)
    - One child repeated Finnish word pallo during the item game
    - Children read books next to Rubi without paying attention to her. Rubi catched the attention by saying “no-no” and shaking the head.
    - Malfunction: Rubi played “no-no” and shaked the head during nap time

    Wednesday May 21
    9-10 am
    Micah, Marjo

    - 3 children interacted with Rubi
    - Wrong object changed and problems with full-screen pictures fixed
    - Major problems with connection –> training cancelled

    Using different instructional material based on

    1) children’s age: more songs and one word per training for younger children, songs and educational games for older children
    2) the state of training: at first songs to get familiar with new words, then educational games

    Friday May 16, 2008

    - no malfunctions in the autonoumous mode
    - 5 children interacted with Rubi
    - less interaction with Rubi than earlier

    Monday May 19, 2008
    9-10 am
    Marjo, Micah

    - 8 children interacted with Rubi
    - malfunctions: 1) connection lost several times, 2) full-screen picture
    - some of the children repeated Finnish words
    - one child chose right object without looking at the screen

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