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Saving to postscript

First Install the cplot1 driver for your MAC or Windows system.

Download the driver and install the driver (DesignJet 800PS3 42) on your system:

Once the driver is installed, continue here:
1. In the application you’re printing from, go to File… Page Setup
In Powerpoint, you then have to go through the extra step of pressing the Options… button.
Settings: Page Attributes
Format for: “CPLOTPrintServer” [or whatever you called it when you set it up]
Paper Size: [Whatever size best fits your document. (A0, or 36x60, or 42x60, etc.)]
Orientation: [Play with this setting. You may need portrait or you may need landscape.]

2. Go to “File… Print”
Printer: “CPLOT1″ [or whatever you called it when you set it up]
In the third drop down menu (probably says “Copies & Pages”), select “Output Options”
Check the “Save as File” checkbox; Format: “PostScript”
Click the “Save…” button, and save the file to your desktop (