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Viewing Drafts

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These are the commands you can use to preview your poster at no cost via a web page:

lpr -Pcplot1_np36 for up to 36-inch paper
lpr -Pcplot1_np42 for up to 42-inch paper

So if my poster was 36″ X anything” my command would be:

lpr -Pcplot1_np36

When your preview request has been processed the st28 account will receive an email with a URL you can use to view your preview on any web browser.

To view the email type (You may need to wait a minute or two until you receive the e-mail):

Type ‘i’ to enter the message index

then select the message and press Enter to view the message.

Press space to scroll down one page.

Then click on the URL to view your preview.

After looking at the preview, go back to the e-mail message, press ‘<’ to get back to the message list

then press ‘d’ to delete the message

Then press ‘q’ to quit pine.