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NSF SandPit on Synthetic Biology

Author:movellan @ December 11th, 2008 Leave a Comment

Dear Colleagues,

NSF has issued a ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ that invites applications for
participation in a joint NSF/EPSRC “sandpit” (interactive workshop). The
sandpit is meant to be an intensive, interactive and free-thinking
environment, where participants from a range of disciplines immerse
themselves in collaborative thinking processes in order to construct
innovative approaches to synthetic biology. Substantial funding is
allocated for selected collaborative research projects arising from the

Synthetic Biology uses biological systems as the primary source of data,
dynamics, and phenomena to fabricate devices that are based on natural
living systems. For example, new tools for designing and controlling
neural circuits can lead to engineering of a virtual brain with the goal
of better understanding brain/behavior interactions and to new computer
technology based on our understanding of brain processes. Cognitive
science and neuroscience are essential to this goal.

Anyone eligible to apply for funding from either the NSF or EPSRC is
eligible to apply to attend the sandpit. Please read the Dear Colleague
Letter at and a fuller
description of the sandpit, its aim and desired outcomes at .
If you have questions, please contact Rita Teutonico
Senior Advisor for Integrative Activities