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Jeremy Lewi at NIPS 2008

Author:paul @ December 9th, 2008 1 Comment

I talked to Jeremy Lewi last night.  He published a paper in NIPS 06 on infomax policies of generalized linear models with application to learning the receptive fields of sensory neurons.  He said that he was an admirer of the work that we do in our lab.  His paper this year builds upon the framework of the NIPS 06 paper by introducing prior information about the structure of the receptive fields.  One type of structure might be that a spatio temporal receptive field has rank 1 structure.  We can use this prior knowledge to adjust the posterior mode that we find in the update step of the infomax algorithm to balance likely receptive fields with ones that respect our prior beliefs about the structure of the receptive field.  Results for this method are given on bridsong data.  The results show that imposing a rank constraint on the receptive field gives a boost over the method from their 2006 paper.