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Training Tue 20 & Wed 21

Author:marjo @ May 21st, 2008 Leave a Comment

Tuesday May 20
9-11:30 am
Marjo, Micah, Javier

- 8 children interected with Rubi
- Malfunctions: 1) problems with connection, 2) long delays in playing sounds , 3) full-screen pictures, 4) wrong picture (bottle)
- BBC radio interview
- Children repeated many Finnish words
- One child repeated also a two-word sentence (“Give me…”)

Tuesday May 20
3:15-4:30 pm

- 7 children interacted with Rubi
- Children played a new game (names game) approx. 10 min. in the beginning. After that only few interactions with Rubi.
- Dancing while Rubi played songs, giving items (soft blocks)
- One child repeated Finnish word pallo during the item game
- Children read books next to Rubi without paying attention to her. Rubi catched the attention by saying “no-no” and shaking the head.
- Malfunction: Rubi played “no-no” and shaked the head during nap time

Wednesday May 21
9-10 am
Micah, Marjo

- 3 children interacted with Rubi
- Wrong object changed and problems with full-screen pictures fixed
- Major problems with connection –> training cancelled