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NIPS 2007: Today’s List of Favorites

Author:movellan @ December 5th, 2007 Leave a Comment

  • A Constraint Generation Approach to Learning Stable Linear Dynamical Systems
    Sajid Siddiqi, Byron Boots, Geoffrey Gordon Download
  • Comparing Bayesian models for multisensory cue combination without mandatory integration
    Ulrik Beierholm, Konrad Kording, Ladan Sham
    s, Wei Ji Ma Download
  • Experience-Guided Search: A Theory of Attentional Control
    Michael Mozer, David Baldwin Download
  • Sequential Hypothesis Testing under Stochastic Deadlines
    Peter Frazier, Angela Yu Download
  • The rat as particle filter
    Nathaniel Daw, Aaron Courville Download
  • Congruence between model and human attention reveals unique signatures of critical visual events
    Robert Peters, Laurent Itti Download
  • Random Features for Large-Scale Kernel Machines
    Ali Rahimi, Benjamin Recht Download
  • SpAM: Sparse Additive Models
    Pradeep Ravikumar, Han Liu, John Lafferty, Larry Wasserman Download
  • Bundle Methods for Machine Learning
    Alex Smola, S V N Vishwanathan, Quoc Le Download
  • Hierarchical Apprenticeship Learning with Application to Quadruped Locomotion
    J. Zico Kolter, Pieter Abbeel, Andrew Ng Download
  • A Game-Theoretic Approach to Apprenticeship Learning
    Umar Syed, Robert Schapire Download
  • Adaptive Online Gradient Descent
    Peter Bartlett, Elad Hazan, Alexander Rakhlin Download