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NIPS 2007 Report: Poggio’s Tutorial on Visual Processing

Author:movellan @ December 3rd, 2007 Leave a Comment

  • This paper is useful to justify the multiple view based approach to multipose face detection. Logothetis, N. K., Pauls, J., and Poggio, T. (1995). Shape recognition in the inferior temporal cortex of monkeys. Current Biology, 5:552–563. It shows existance of scale and location invariant but pose dependent object detection neurons in IT.

  • The human brain has as many neurons as 1 million flies.
  • Anterior IT face cells paper: Desimone et al 1984. We should get a copy of this classic paper.
  • Hung Kreiman Poggio and Dicarlo 2005: After 90 msecs from stim presentation information appears in neurons in IT for object category detection. Information peak by 125 msec.
  • Nature Neuroscience 2007 paper by Anzai Peng Van Essen shows modern data on V2 It may justify the idea of orientation histograms
  • Fabre-Thorpe has very cool experiments on human rapid recognition of visual categories Link to her lab
  • Knoblich Bouvire Poggio 2007. Shunting inhibition model of multidimensional Gaussian
  • Link to Poggios’s group PAMI 2007 paper on bio inspired object recognition
  • Jhuang Serre Wolf and Poggio ICCV paper on recognizing activities. Get a copy.
  • Prefontal cortex may prime the features that are most important for a particular task. LIP would compute a saliency map.