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NIPS 2007 Report: Lunch with Roby Jacobs

Author:movellan @ December 3rd, 2007 Leave a Comment

Roby Jacobs is working on some really cool work on motor control.

  • He described an experiment in which subjects had to control a joystick under differerent noise regimes: no noise, signal proportional noise, signal inverse proportional noise. The optimal trajectories are very different in these 3 cases and humans seem to be quite good at learning these trajectories. Here is a link to the paper
  • He talked about an experiment by Julia something from Germany were the task is reaching under different pay off regimes.
  • He talked about experiments on combination of visual and proprioceptive information. Cited the work by a person at UCSF.
  • He talked about some computational work he is doing in which optimal trajectories are computed as linear combinations of a library of trajectories. This approach may simplify the optimization problem so it becomes a standard gradient descent like problem as opposed to a variational problem.
  • Here is a link to Roby’s work