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Asobo Adaptive Scheduler Experiment Day 1

Author:movellan @ July 31st, 2007 Leave a Comment

I visited room 1 at 9:00 am this morning. There were several children sitting around asobo but alicia did not let anybody else play with him. She would embrace him whenever anyone tried to touch the screen.

In the current situation it felt that it’d be hard to differentiate an adaptive controller from a random controller. They clearly loved the songs, but other than that it did not seem it matter that much what game they saw.

In general room 1 was a bit on the chaotic side. There was Beach Boys music being played quite loud outside. Several children were crying because their moms had just left, and the teachers had to multi-task between taking care of the children and cleaning up the breakfast mess. Asobo was helping distracting some children during this transition period.