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AAAI Agents that Learn from Humans Conference. Deadline Oct 3

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Blinking During and After Lying

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Sharon Leal and Aldert Vrij , University of Portsmouth
Published on Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

Though I did not read this paper (UCSD does not purchase the online version). This article received pretty good media coverage (Telegraph).

They reported that people telling a lie  (and afterwards) has substantial higher (8x) blinking rate  than normal situation. They use some electronic devices attached to the eye to measure the blink rate.

Spot Fake Smile

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BBC created a website for visitors to test their ability in discerning true versus fake smiles in 20 videos. The test is based on Paul Ekman’s research.

I get 18 out of 20 correct, but I was cheating since I know the key AU that makes the difference. 

Face Swapping

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Appeared in SIGGRAPH 2008. This can be used to de-identification of faces in google street views.

They use OMRON face/feature detectors. I think we have to release (at least) our feature detectors to stimulate more creative applications before ours lose the advantage in the market. Is there anyway we could get a copy of these commercial detectors and do some benchmark?