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Pre-test 2

Author:marjo @ May 5th, 2008 Leave a Comment

ECEC Room 1
May 5, 2008
9:30-10:45 am
Marjo and Micah

- Testing 3 children, who were not tested on May 2
- Testing 5 children, who played less than 3 rounds on May 2
- Camera added for recording facial expressions
- Logger ok, camera ok, no malfunctions in the pre-test game
- A child may have selected a new player while he was playing
- Multiple skips mean the child lost interest and the teacher tried to end the game


Author:marjo @ May 2nd, 2008 Leave a Comment

ECEC, Room1
May 2, 2008
9-10 am

Instructions to teacher:
1) Tell children to use fingertip
2) Use the skip code (tapping right corner 3 times), if needed
3) Children should play ideally 3 rounds or more.
4) Avoid looking at the screen
5) Encourage the child to play
6) Teacher can repeat questions

Practice trials with the teacher

Pre-test notes:
- 6 children were tested
- 3 children, who were not at ECEC today, are tested on Monday May 5
- Children did from 1 to several (more than 3) trials
- Game and logger worked well. No malfunctions.
- Videotaping and observations from the observation room. Only the teacher and a child in the test room.
- Videotaping children’s facial expressions would be valuable to catch different expressions between English and Finnish words
- Some children used finger nail, which does not work, or touched the screen too lightly
- Game design: Bee is distracting to some of the children
- Some of the children are bilingual->might be good to collect data about children’s native languages.
- Last trial by Micah

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