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Robots for Education

Author:movellan @ March 18th, 2008 Leave a Comment

Workshop illustrating the use of robots on education

iPhone Perception

Author:nick @ March 7th, 2008 Leave a Comment

Apple just released their iPhone SDK. Under the terms, we can distribute software freely through apple. We might want to consider making an application similar to “cheese” for the iphone that a) rates your smiles, and b) takes your picture when you are smiling.  Should we try to have something ready by the release of iPhone apps (June)? You can download the sdk at: 

iShowU: Great Mac Software

Author:nick @ March 6th, 2008 Leave a Comment

iShowU (link: ) is a really amazing piece of Mac software. It lets you record video from a region of your screen that you choose (or it can follow your mouse). As it’s recording, it compresses the video on-the-fly and makes really reasonably sized files.  I have been using this program to make videos of other software I have made for the purpose of demoing them in my keynote presentations, without having to exit the presentation and open another piece of software.The software is very reasonably priced ($20), and is really well put together. I was skeptical before I tried it, thinking I would have to manually crop or compress the video afterward. My expectations were hugely exceeded.