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Seminar on Brain Plasticity and Development

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Meets Fridays 12-1:50 at Room 3, Cognitive Science Building.
Speaker list at

Bad Science

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I have been reading the preiodic articles for a segment called “Bad Science” in the British news site The Guardian. About once a month the author highlights some study, usually highly publicized and always under the auspices of science, that is really bad or misleading.

The author’s general argument is that bad science casts a pall over all science in the mind of the public, and so it should be actively sought out and criticized and distinguished from good science.

I am very much inclined to agree with this position. If bad science is conflated with science, it is difficult to convince people of the value of good science. Instead, the public falls into anti-scientific, mystical mindsets that are no better than bad science, but much worse than good science.

If science is indeed a religion, as some have argued, then we should all be evangelists for good science at the expense of bad science, because good science lets us understand and create and prosper in our real world.

Here is the article:

ECEC: September 24

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ECEC Monday September 24, 2007
at 9:30-10:35 am
Class 2A and 2B

The both of the groups had free playing outside, i.e. playing on a sandbox, drawing, playing with various toys, and organized playing, i.e. a story circle with the teacher and a hobby activity. Even though the children belong to the same age group, individual skills between the youngest and oldest ones varies quite much.

Next time: collecting names of the children, dates of birth and photos.

Randy Pausch final lecture

Author:ianfasel @ September 23rd, 2007 2 Comments

This isn’t machine perception related, but it is an important lecture from someone in the scientific and academic community, mms://



ECEC: September 21

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Visit at ECEC
at 9:25-10:45 am
Class  2B, 9 children

Children had free playing outside that included also reading and creating stories with flannel boards (stories about animals) and singing. The children seemed to have a very good mood today and they participated actively both in free and organized activities.

Next visit: Monday 24, 2007

RUBI Project on Good Morning America

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  • Video segment
  • Complete Story
  • ECEC: September 19

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    at 9:20-10:40 am
    Classes 1, 2A (age from 15 to 24 months)

    The children had a free play inside about until 9:30 and then free play outside. Some observations about children’s behavior are in the following:

    - Children liked to read books alone and with adults both inside and outside. It was typical that they pointed interesting or familiar pictures, often looked at adult and tried to say a word or just listened on an adult’s answer. When asked, they also pointed a picture (right or wrong). In the books that children read at ECEC may be same pictures than we will use with Asobo, for example apple or car. So, during the study they may learn words also from books.

    - The children had free playing outside with toys (books, cars, horse, slide, sandbox, bricks). The children played with toys mostly by themselves, not with other children. Even though the children played alone, they often followed what the other children are doing. Toys were used usually for a while and then changed to another ones. Handling of toys was relatively rough, that is maybe typical to children at that age.

    - A music session collected the children to sing and play familiar children’s songs next to the sand box. The teachers singed and played songs that seemed to be singed also before with the children. The children seemed to enjoy music and followed playing as a group (some of the children liked to do also something else, such as playing with a car or slide). Some of the children played songs by clapping their hands (as the teachers did) and tried to sing familiar songs, too.

    - The children who take contact to me inside continued “friendship” also outside. They took contact by giving a book, shoes, a scarf or a toy, saying something or by looking at me. When a child was playing with me or a toy, another children might get interest in the same thing. It was rare, but however occasionally happened, that the children took toys from others hand.

    - The children didn’t cry much. The only cases when they cried were when a child fall or someone took a toy.

    - Next visit: 2B on Friday 21, 2007.

    Sony Rolly: a combination of dancing Robot and Walkman

    Author:ting @ September 11th, 2007 1 Comment

    It looks like an advance version of iDog or iFish.

    keep looking »