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Problems with scheduler

Author:movellan @ August 31st, 2007 Leave a Comment

I visited room I this morning. First time since last visit. Arms and head were workinb but the screen was dark.
I was able to login with the Console and confirm that the following modules were working: WindowsStarter

It seems like it was a scheduler problem. The screen itself was actually working fine. I’m taking asobo back home to start preparing for the final study.

Lidia sugested a few design improvements: (1) Hide cables going from eyebrow switches into head. (2) Make the hand grip narrower. (3) Make the “fingers” a bit thicker.

NIPS Workshop: Robotics Challenges for Machine Learning

Author:ting @ August 24th, 2007 Leave a Comment

The goal of this workshop is to bring together people that are interested in robotics as a source and inspiration for new Machine Learning challenges, or which work on Machine Learning methods as a new approach to robotics challenges.

It might be a good place for us to address some challenges in social robotics.

test post for fatigue

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DURIP Proposal

Author:movellan @ August 21st, 2007 Leave a Comment

We just submitted a DURIP proposal. Click here for bibliographic references pertinent to the proposal.

SANbox Waranty Stuff

Author:lpalacio @ August 16th, 2007 Leave a Comment

The Warranty approval for the 2 SANboxes (switches) is linked here.approved_16025.html

Waranty terms are linked here:service_contract_terms_and_conditions.doc

Problem with MetaScheduler?

Author:movellan @ August 15th, 2007 Leave a Comment

I went to room 1 this morning.

It seems like Rees has really learned the answer to all the games. Also, i noticed children really like playing sound of animals with the teachers. We may want to think about one such game.

It seems like the scheduler program had died. Windows was working and responsive but no games were being shown. I soft rebooted both computers and started the following modules

I did not start the smiledetector in case it is the one responsible for overheating things. When I called the metascheduler the screen went dark and unresponsive. I waited for about 20 mins and it was still unresponsive. I think this was a problem with the metascheduler but I’m not sure.

ECEC Update

Author:Cynthia @ August 14th, 2007 Leave a Comment

I stopped by ECEC. Everything had been running fine all day. I updated scheduleAsobo.xml so now the sleep “game” runs 50% of the time with the regular controller and restarted the MetaScheduler.

Screen Problem

Author:Cynthia @ August 13th, 2007 Leave a Comment

Monday I went to ECEC, and Denise told me that Asobo’s screen had gone dark starting around 9:30 in the morning. I rebooted everything and everything went back to normal.

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