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ICDL 2007

Author:nick @ July 25th, 2007 Leave a Comment

I recently attended ICDL2007, the 6th Annual IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning, which was at Imperial College of London. I presented my paper with Javier Movellan on Learning to Learn [pdf: paper ; presentation ]. After the conference, I traveled to the University of Bath, where I gave the same talk to the Bath AI group at the invitation of Professor Joanna Bryson.

For an extended survey of the material presented at the conference and my impressions, see below.

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Conference Thoughts & Discussion

Author:nick @ July 24th, 2007 Leave a Comment

I added this category for “conferences” so that we could share thoughts on things we discovered at different conferences we attended.

I envision it being used both as a mental offloading, recording all of our thoughts for our own and the collective memory, and also as a place for discussion about what new and interesting ideas are worth pursuing.

For ease of access, we may wish to start one thread per conference.

Keynote presentation for NSF Workshop on Science of Learning

Author:movellan @ July 24th, 2007 2 Comments

Yesterday I gave a presentation to the NSF Workshop on the Science of Learning. Click here for pdf of the presentation

Cognitive Psychology and Education

Author:movellan @ July 20th, 2007 1 Comment

The April 2007 issue of Psychonomic Bulletin & Review is a special issue on “Applying Cognitive Psychology to Education”.

Asobo disruptive issue

Author:micahrye @ July 20th, 2007 Leave a Comment

Yesterday I received a call from Lydia that Asobo was operating erratically. I told here to simply power Asobo off. After Asobo had been powered off I realized that I had caused the erratic behavior.

I have been developing a web interface to RUBIOS. During development I had connected to to the RUBIOS master relay server that was operating on Asobo. I was testing starting and stopping different services, I had forgotten that Asobo was no longer in the lab, the result was the apparent erratic behavior reported by Lydia.

This is an issue with remotely interfacing with RUBIOS. We need to consider where is the robot you are commanding and what are the effects that can result.

Tingfan presented ICML overview

Author:ting @ July 19th, 2007 1 Comment

Tingfan attended ICML’07 held in Corvallis, OR. We briefly went through some submission statistics about topic distribution, acceptance/rejection rates. Then he presented several interesting tutorial and papers. Tingfan suggest to have a study group that goes through the selected tutorials including semi-supervised learning, online learning and reinforcement learning ones. Some presentations are available on

Slides download

Begin Blog for MPLab Tutorials

Author:movellan @ July 18th, 2007 Comments Off on Begin Blog for MPLab Tutorials

Today we begin the blog for the MPLab Tutorials. Hope for it to be a good way to get feedback and help refine the tutorials.

Asobo at ECEC

Author:movellan @ July 18th, 2007 Leave a Comment

I visited ECEC this morning at 9 am. All systems were functional on Asobo. It has been operating for the past 24 hours using the new RUBIOS2.0.

I learned about the issue of teaching children not to bite. There seem to be several contradictory theories of how to approach this problem: (1) Teachers shadow the child and give inmmediate feedback preventing to prevent the biting. (2) Avoid shadowing because it may actually act as a reinforcer (bitter gets extra attention). Another technique used by the teachers is to give the biter a pacifier. This reduces the likelihood of biting.

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