Screen Shots / Videos

The screenshots presented below have been taken from the different example programs distributed within the MPT package.

Screen Shots

Face Detection Multiple Faces
Face Detection Unusual expressions
Face Detection Occlusions
Face Detection Difficult lighting conditions
Eye Detection Correction of rotated face
Eye Detection Examples of multiple faces in a single image
Blink Detection Eyes Open
Blink Detection Eyes Closed
Color Tracker The yellow box is the returned position from the color tracker, The red box is the returned position from the face detector.
Windows Demo Application Eyes Detector Live Video
Windows Demo Application Project Window: Choose face detector, eye finder, blink detector, color tracker, as well as resolution (320x240 should perform in real-time, higher resolutions may slow down).
Windows Demo Application Select Capture Device: You may select any active capture device.
Windows Demo Application Video Save Window: You can save video of any of the projects in AVI format.
Windows Demo Application Select Compression Device: If saving video, you can use any registered codec.


Eye Detection Video of the eye detector