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eyefinder.m File Reference

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 if (max(max(img)) > 2) img
if ischar (img)[img
elseif ~isempty (M) img
elseif ~isnumeric (img) error('First argument must be an image or image filename') end%make grayscale if ndims(img)
Check arguments if nargin if ~isstruct (varargin{1})%error('Third argument must be a struct')%end%if nargin


else ci2 = mirrorClassifier(ci)
EYEFINDER find eyes in given
end Fin = []
end img = double(img)
end keyboard
if M = imread(img)
else Too many arguments end
end if nargin 
if nargin
end determine if we will return
patches or not if 

Function Documentation

if max(max(img))  ,

if ischar img   ) 

elseif ~isempty M   ) 

elseif ~isnumeric img   ) 

Check arguments if nargin if ~isstruct  ) 

Variable Documentation

else ci2 = mirrorClassifier(ci)

Definition at line 56 of file eyefinder.m.

end end end F

Initial value:

 eyefinder(IMG, ci) finds both eyes in the frontal faces in IMG using
%   the provided weights files for the left eye.  F = eyefinder(IMG, leftCi,
%   rightCi) uses separate weights files for each eye.
%   F is an array of sructs where each row contains the face's
%   x y scale and a vector of structs for each eye.  Each eye has fields
%   x y scale activation and flag.
%   [FP] = eyefinder(IMG, ci, F) and eyefinder(IMG, leftCi, rightCi, F)
%   uses the flags for each eye in F to return the corresponding searched
%   patches. F must be a structure returned by a previous eyefinder
%   call with each eye's flag either 0 or 1.
%   This function makes use of the mp_eyefinderMex mex file which must
%   be compiled with the eyefinder project.
function [F varargout] = eyefinder(img, ci, varargin)
  if nargin < 2
    error('Must input at least 2 arguments')

  % First make the image be a good image
  M = []

Referenced by MPISearchObjectDetector::AdjSearchWindow().

Fin = []

Definition at line 61 of file eyefinder.m.

end img = double(img)

Definition at line 36 of file eyefinder.m.

Referenced by ScalePyramid::add_hypothesesPerScale(), main(), mexFunction(), MPColorTracker::PutImage(), CenterSurround::search(), and MPFileIO::writePGM().

end keyboard

Definition at line 40 of file eyefinder.m.

if M = imread(img)

Definition at line 25 of file eyefinder.m.

else Too many arguments end end if nargin modestr

Initial value:

        modestr = 'wt_avg'

Definition at line 67 of file eyefinder.m.

Referenced by mexFunction().

end elseif nargin

Initial value:

= 2
  ci2 = mirrorClassifier(ci)

Definition at line 59 of file eyefinder.m.

elseif nargout

Initial value:

= 1
    [F] = mp_eyefinderMex(ci, ci2, img, 0, modestr)

Definition at line 75 of file eyefinder.m.

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