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MPColorTools Member List

This is the complete list of members for MPColorTools, including all inherited members.

DrawRGBBox(FFImage< RGBTRIPLE > &rgbimage, int x, int y, int xSize, int ySize, RGBCOLOR color, double alpha=1)MPColorTools [inline]
hilitePixel(void *pix, const int &type)MPColorTools [static]
m_highMPColorTools [private]
m_lowMPColorTools [private]
MPColorTools(float low=0.00, float high=1.00)MPColorTools [inline]
RGBtoHSV(const unsigned char *pix, float &h, float &s, float &v)MPColorTools
setRGBColor(RGBTRIPLE &x, const int color, double fadeAmount=1.0) const MPColorTools [inline]

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